I’m running for Seattle City Council in District 3.


I’m Logan and I am running for City Council District 3. As your representative, I will take on our most challenging and important problems: skyrocketing rents, a severe shortage of homes, increasing homelessness, declining mobility & rising transportation gridlock, and impending environmental damage from climate change.

We in District 3 need a voice on the council who will bring responsibility and achieve real progress. We need a leader who will ensure everyone can afford to live here. We need a council that ensures everyone can enjoy the economic opportunities, quality of life, and richness of culture that makes Seattle special. Growing up, living, and working in this city has been an immense and enriching privilege for me and is one that needs to be passed to the next generation. As a Seattle native and lifelong resident, I’m committed to protecting the best aspects of Seattle—its people—while we build a city that welcomes diverse new neighbors of all economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds.

Solving problems in a city as big and dynamic as Seattle requires a focus on simple, pragmatic solutions. My training and experience as an engineer in the private sector has taught me what it takes to identify and solve tough and complex problems in large organizations. My wife and I founded Hashtag Cannabis in Fremont, and building a small business has taught me how to empower our team to do their best work, all while being fiscally responsible and squeezing the most out of every last dollar. My depth of experience as a leader in organizations large and small has taught me the importance of listening.

I look forward to meeting with all of my District 3 neighbors over the coming year. I want to hear how you’ve been impacted by the problems and challenges of the city and I want to work with you to find solutions that make Seattle a fair and equitable city.