I’m Logan Bowers and I am running for City Council in District 3. 

You deserve a Councilmember who will represent you, listen to your community, and ensure that all residents share in Seattle’s prosperity. I have a plan to address Seattle’s most challenging problems: skyrocketing rents, a shortage of homes, increasing homelessness, transportation gridlock, and an environment already damaged by climate change.

I am a renter, a lifetime Seattle resident, and an effective leader. I have led organizations small and large, and I know how to create change in collaboration with diverse stakeholders. My wife, Jerina, and I also own a small business, and we work with our employees to cultivate a culture of inclusivity, social responsibility, and continuous improvement. I will bring a sensible, solutions-oriented perspective to City Council.

I will deliver tangible, pragmatic solutions for District 3 and for Seattle. I represent you and our neighbors, not corporations or out-of-state interests. My campaign has received the most Democracy Vouchers in this district. I will always be available to meet you, hear your concerns, and find solutions that work for you and for our city.

My Values


Seattle is at its best when it is equitable for all people. Equity is more than equal access. It requires correcting the unjust policies and systemic racism of the past that led to today’s unequal distribution of opportunity and economic resources. Equity is at the root of many of the issues I stand for, like lower housing costs, affordable childcare, and 100% walkable neighborhoods. As your Councilmember, I will work to remove systemic obstacles to opportunity so everyone has the opportunity to live a happy and successful life in our city.


Government is effective when it is transparent and accountable. I will be transparent as your councilmember because you deserve to know about– and have a voice in– decisions that affect you. The City Council should be accountable to you, not out-of-state donors or political movements. I will ensure that the city fulfills its promises and makes corrections and improvements when it fails to do so. As your Councilmember, my door will always be open to hear your concerns and to make sure the city is working for you.


We will eventually pass our roles as caretakers of this community over to our children and our neighbors’ children, so we must manage our resources with an eye to the future. As a good steward I will address climate change and carbon pollution; ensure housing is affordable today and for future generations; support a diverse economy that provides good jobs; and celebrate and preserve Seattle’s rich cultural heritage and communities. As your Councilmember, I will be your steward so Seattle can remain a place our families want to live, work and play for generations to come.


An effective leader cultivates empathy within the community. Seattle is fortunate to have residents from many different walks of life, diverse cultural backgrounds and a wealth of lived experiences. All these perspectives are valuable. I will make sure your perspective is reflected in the decisions made in City Hall. I am here to listen to you, to hold space for you, and to carry your unique story into everything I do as your representative. I will also engage and connect community and neighborhood groups so our civic dialog is deep, diverse, and respectful. When we listen to and empathize with one another, we can meet the needs of our district and all of Seattle, together.