Housing & Homelessness

End the Housing Prohibition AND Lower Housing Costs

We have a housing shortage. Since 2011, Seattle added 100,000 jobs to downtown alone, but only added 45,000 housing units citywide. Yet City Council effectively outlawed construction of everything except large houses over $1 million and luxury apartments in approximately 90% of the city. Consequently, we face a severe shortage of housing for anyone making less than $100,000/year. I will fight to end the housing prohibition so duplexes, triplexes, and ADA-accessible multi-family homes are available throughout the city at prices affordable to households earning a working wage.

Improve and Expand Homeless Services

We have 12,500 unsheltered neighbors in King County, and only 6,000 shelter beds. This leaves thousands of our unhoused neighbors with nowhere to go. I will prioritize expanding shelter capacity because people will choose shelter if we provide an option that meets their needs. Until everyone can be housed, I will fight to provide waste removal and sanitary toilets because all our neighbors, and every neighborhood, should have safe and clean streets. Our homeless rate is typical for a county our size, but the Council has—for the last decade—neglected our housing and homeless services systems. Now we’re reaping the consequences.

Strengthen Renter Protections

No one should live month-to-month at risk of being displaced, nor should renters face drastic consequences for minor issues. Housing stability enhances our entire community and people who rent deserve protections so that their lives are predictable and stable. I will work with my fellow councilmembers to improve Seattle’s renter protections and fill the gaps in the State’s rental law.

Quality of Life & Mobility

100% Walkable Neighborhoods

Everyone deserves to live within walking distance of groceries, cafes, and affordable childcare, yet the City Council has outlawed these basic amenities in most neighborhoods. We can’t expect to reduce Seattle’s road congestion and carbon pollution if our neighborhoods remain car-dependent. I will fight to re-legalize small neighborhood retail, because walkability promotes healthy, safe, and vibrant communities where neighbors connect with one another. It should not be a luxury; every neighborhood should be 100% walkable.

Improve Bike Safety

Evidence indicates that the #1 barrier to cycling is safety. Yet, too many of our streets and bike paths are dangerously incomplete, unconnected, or suffer from critical design flaws. SDOT’s scattershot approach does not work, and the City Council must step in. I will prioritize safe cycling infrastructure. My goal is a citywide bike network that allows families to safely and comfortably bike from home, to school, to work, and back.

Faster Bus Service

When buses get bogged down in traffic, everyone suffers. I will push SDOT to design streets that prioritize transit speed and capacity. Faster transit and reduced congestion will benefit all road users and help everyone move around the city faster.

Eliminate Carbon Pollution Through Electrification

Seattle must do its part to avert the worst of global heating by transitioning from fossil fuels to clean electric power. I will work with fellow councilmembers to offer financially responsible Electric Vehicle and Home Heating incentives and encourage Seattle’s transition to renewable energies.

Become the First Carbon Negative City

Seattle can become the first city to avert more carbon pollution than it creates by leveraging City Light’s hydropower capacity. Seattle can be a world leader in the clean-energy economy by replacing regional fossil fuel power generation economically – and profitably.

Governance & Transparency

Increase Government Oversight

Governance isn’t only about having vision, it’s also about providing the follow through and oversight to make sure the City delivers on its promises. Throughout our city, we see projects that are over budget, half delivered, or just aren’t working properly. We see simple everyday issues, like potholes or curb ramps go unfixed for months or years. I will work with the agencies to set clear goals to maintain and improve our city infrastructure, and followup to make improvements when those goals are not met.

Elevate your voice

You have a right to have your concerns heard by your council member. I will be available to meet with all constituents in D3, both at city hall and at regularly scheduled office hours throughout the district. I will continue to be a regular face at local neighborhood and community group meetings, ready to talk with you about the issues facing the city.

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