I’m Logan Bowers and I am running for City Council in District 3. I am a lifetime Seattle resident, renter, and small business owner. I will take on our most challenging and important problems: skyrocketing rents, a severe shortage of homes, increasing homelessness, declining mobility & rising transportation gridlock, and impending environmental damage from climate change.

Working in the private sector as an engineer has taught me how to make progress in large, complex organizations with many teams that have different priorities. Building our business, Hashtag, from scratch with my wife allowed us to create a supportive culture of continuous improvement, honesty, and initiative that delivers results.

I will work to deliver tangible, pragmatic solutions for District 3 and for Seattle. I am and will be available to meet you, to hear your concerns, and to find solutions that work for you and for the city.


My Values

Seattle is at its best when it is Equitable for its people. Whether you come from a wealthy family, a middle class family, or an underserved family, whether you grew up here, or are a new neighbor from another part of the country or world, an equitable Seattle offers affordable housing and education, humanitarian services, and access to jobs and employment to everyone. I will work to ensure everyone gets access to the resources they need to live a happy and successful life in this city.

The most effective governments are those that are Transparent and Accountable to the people. You have a right to transparency, to know what your representative and your government is doing on your behalf and why. You have a right to have your concerns heard. I will meet with you to discuss those concerns. I will work to ensure government is Accountable, that it fulfills its promises and makes corrections and improvements when it fails to do so. My job is to provide oversight on your behalf over the agencies of the city, and to ensure that they function effectively.

Our time as part of Seattle is finite and we eventually pass on our positions in this community to our children and to new neighbors. We prioritize Stewardship of this extraordinary city so that future generations can enjoy the richness in culture and opportunity we enjoy today. I will prioritize addressing climate change and carbon pollution, ensuring housing is affordable for our children and the next generation, and that Seattle retains its diverse cultural heritage and communities.

An effective leader demonstrates Empathy for those they represent. Your experiences and challenges are unique to you, and only you can express how that has shaped your views and perspectives. You may identify as LGBTQIA+, have immigrated from another country, have grown up in a difficult household, manage a disability, have experienced discrimination or harassment; I am here to listen to you, to hold space for you, and to incorporate your unique story into city policy that helps meet your needs and the needs of District 3.